Names on the land logo FINALNames on the Land–Tompkins County explores Tompkins County, New York as a place. The distinctive place names of this Finger Lakes region—Cayuga Lake, Cornell Heights, Syrian Hill, Rachel Carson Way, Besemer Hill, and many others—give us a ready lens through which to understand the people who have settled the land, the hills and forests and waterways they have traversed, the homes and businesses and public sites they have built, the flora and fauna they have tended and protected, and the diverse cultures they have embodied.

This website and blog showcases the ongoing work of the Names on the Land research team, under the auspices of the Office of the County Historian, to update Place Names of Tompkins Countythe essential historical reference work produced in 2004 by Tompkins County Historian Carol Kammen and county municipal historians.

Project Members

Don Ellis, Data Technologies Planner

Gene Endres, Writer and Host of WICB’s “The Hobo’s Lullaby”

Bruce Estes, Former Managing Editor and General Manager, Ithaca Journal

Rod Howe, Director, The History Center in Tompkins County

Kurt Jordan, Cornell University, Associate Professor, Anthropology

Carol Kammen, Tompkins County Historian

Randi Kepecs, Village of Cayuga Heights Preservationist

Robert Kibbee, Map Archivist and The History Center in Tompkins County Trustee

Cynthia Kramer, Educator, Ithaca City School District

Patricia Longoria, Events and Community Engagement Coordinator, Historic Ithaca

Rosemary Rowland, Town of Newfield Deputy Historian

Rosemarie Tucker, Town of Groton Historian

John Wertis, Town of Ulysses Historian



“Names on the Land–Tompkins County” is a legacy project supported by the Tompkins County Bicentennial Commission.

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  1. Nice website. Found it while googling a few street names in preparation for bringing out an updated version of my old Mapless Map books.

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